Thursday, September 10, 2009

Infinite irrelevant value--the appearance of scarcity

The transition from an undenomenated commodity to a denomenated commodity, for both relevant values, such as gold, and irrelevant values, such as altruism, requires the discovery of unsuppliable demand, that is, scarcity, which, because it has a value of infinity, and this can be shown to imply that finite quantities also exist, enables the formation of markets.

Thus, for irrelevant values, someone manages to establish himself as a provider of such a demanded irrelvant commodity, demanded because he has been careful to keep his sums of this value separated into bins characterized by consistency, and thus they do not add, but do multiply, and in multiplication the square root of minus one value in the enumeration multiplies with itself, the irrelevance disappears and a negative value appears, but doing this with another pair of irrelevant values, giving another negative relevant value, and multiplying these, gives a positive relevant value where before this there were four irrelevant values, that this demanded irrelevant commodity is part of a vein of infinite value, because it is absolutely scarce.

An irrelevant commodity that does not fail to supply all demand, but that does supply all demand, is not a scarce commodity. Thus, a poor prophet who cannot find anyone who understands the whole impact of his philosophy will be forced to produce superlative irrelevant behavior at every turn, because that's what he has made of himself and he has no other way to interact. If he is especially diplomatic as well as irrelevant, he can accumulate a following of persons willing to buy his irrelevant books or donate all their wealth in order to live with him. Neither of these is a scarce commodity, implying infinite value. But they are irrelevant.

What differentiates infinite from undenomenated irrelevant value is rigor. I believe I have stated the outlines of a description of this exact rigor above. The product which I have assembled from four irrelevant values is the art in the sidebar, English Transformation Art, which has sold here one piece to date. No altruism or other irrelevant value is necessary to appreciate its value. It is accessible in strictly commercial terms. Yet its constituents are completely irrelevant values. These I will not divulge as they constitute a trade secret. I suppose speculation could determine some of it, but purchase is so much easier. It is now a business, and it will take normal business practices to build. My discussion of irrelevance goes to global understanding. It would be better not to have to do it, but in today's world of open sources, one has to do some of it just to be part of the action.