Sunday, September 20, 2009

Date with Crystal to N.U.'s Dearborn Observatory

Friday nights at Northwestern University's Dearborn Observatory are free public events and this past Friday I took Crystal.

We waited two hours standing in the dark in line to climb the stairs to look in the eyepiece of the telescope. It was worth it, especially for me, and Crystal said afterwards she had a good time. The object viewed was Jupiter, and you could see two moons very brightly.

I realized after I did a drawing in colored pencil Sunday morning (see previous post) that it was reminiscent of Jupiter.

Crystal and I are going to the Shedd Aquarium this coming Tuesday.

More traditional art now on sidebar.

Today I have placed on the sidebar, just below the section on English transformation art, two recent works of mine which are more traditional in nature. The medium is colored pencil and the color choices were augmented by a calculator with a program I wrote to shuffle items randomly. Below these pictures and the commentary is a Paypal button to purchase a copy of the program.

To facilitate the random color choice, I constructed a rack out of heavy paper with eighteen coves, numbered three ways, 1) 1-18; 2) 1-9, two sets, and 3) 1-6, three sets. This permits me to keep separate sets of related colors on my "easel," either two sets or three sets, and have them all numbered from one to permit use of the calculator to shuffle them.

You can judge for yourself the effects that can be gotten with this program by looking at the pictures there in the sidebar.