Friday, September 25, 2009

Play Bingo with my HP33S/HP35S Shuffle program!

I have placed on a template for a Bingo checksheet to check off numbers as they are called randomly using my HP33S/HP35S Shuffle program. This is a much easier way to call Bingo numbers than the old cage and balls method, and there are no balls to lose, too!

See the sidebar, just above the Shuffle program Paypal button, for details. The Bingo checksheet template is available here.

Why H. sapiens struggles without knowing why

The central reason H. sapiens struggles without knowing why is that he thinks others see everything he thinks he is when he speaks. Over time he becomes more convinced he has a certain identity whereas actually what he has is an expanding collection of permissions to set aside facts. The unknowingness this produces can be discovered fairly easily and long ago women did so and applied it to their sexual ambitions. This is the origin of glamor.

It is possible that Mohammad made this discovery. Islam's defenses against women developing glamor may be motivated by it. The militancy of these defenses indicates the workings of an informed directorate. However, Islam has not solved the central problem, which is the spread of the spoken of error into the population.

On How I Attained My Standing

I have attained standing because faced with hardship I rallied into larger personal investment. It is pointless to speculate whether another fate could also have led to standing. I have brought my fate here without borrowing from one world to buy into others, something I practiced blindly like most everyone else until hardship appeared with metal frame.