Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I would do with fame and fortune.

I said in a recent post that I consider my lust empowering.

As a corollary to that, there is my objective to raise the funds necessary to send 8000 of my offspring to college at $400,000 each, or $3,200,000,000.

8000 offspring is roughly one child per day with 8000 different girls. They would be drawn more or less randomly from an audience culled for health--no overweight girls, for example. The order of the acts would be from the ugliest to the prettiest, except that the most pretty would be first. It would take about 22 years, without a break. If demand warranted, I would allow some girls each day to have sex with me without me having an orgasm, that being saved for the one girl chosen as mother for that day. At the start of the 22 years I figure I might be able to accommodate 25 extra girls a day this way, and this would drop of linearly to no extra girls at the end of 22 years. the total number of acts would be about 100,000.

This is what I would do with fame and fortune. Happiness would be a formula for lust.