Sunday, June 24, 2012

A hypothesis that bacteria regulate all animals' CNSs.

In the year 2010 I posted to the site, stating that it is my hypothesis that bacteria regulate all animals' CNSs, their central nervous systems. I stated that this hypothesis prompted me to speculate that the reason humanity began to experience wars was that they started to put their dead in coffins, denying bacteria of the tissue of humans for ingestion. I stated that to validate this speculation I looked in a reference work on anthropology for the approximate dates of these two events, the start of wars and the start of coffin use, to see if they were about the same, as this would point to the possiblility of a causal relationship. I don't recall the figures I found but I do recall that they were very nearly the same. I included this fact in my post to

I also stated in the post that I had considered it necessary for my hypothesis to be correct that the population of bacteria adhering to the human body must be extremely numerous, but that I had no information of my own on this matter and always had assumed, before forming my hypothesis, that there was only a small population. I posted that I had checked and found that there is inheed an enormous population of bacteria on the human body, ten times the number of cells of the body itself, the exact number varying with the way the question is defined. The reason that a large body population is necessary is that each organism has to be fit into a comprehensive ecological array of relationships within the bacterial population, and doing this requires that the bacterial interest in each species that is important to a species has to be represented in the bacteria surrounding each individual body, so that existing arrangements with regard to any emergent actions or situations may be enforced immdiately.

The result of this post was that I was banned from the site, with the reason stated as "crackpot."

Consequently, I find it contrary to my interests to share any further work of my own with scientists, and share details about my bacterial hypothesis here only because I have already revealed it, and in the event others find it to be reasonable and worthy of investigation I will get full credit for the discovery, if that is what it is found to be.

If the hypothesis is correct then evolution in the animal kingdom is the result of scheming by bacteria, the course of human history is not of men's own doing, and productivity leading to ownership and power, and culpabillity of criminals, are not attributable to those enjoying or suffering them, to any significant degree, but to the whims of bacteria, or whatever their equivalent affect is.

Since I cannot attribute to the operators of the responsibility for banning me I have no reason to damn them. But like so many of the things I see people glorify themselves with while I refuse to engage in the same sort of grab bag, I certainly hold out hope that eventually my science and my industry will emerge as the superior agent of fortune, and those who choose to join with me in pursuing my hypothesis in a spirit of collegial endeavor such as underlies the best of science, will also join with me in the rewards such an endeavor ultimately will bring, if I am right, while those who call me a crackpot will fall into a lesser circle of knowers and doers to be handled like chattel.