Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cooperation with Afghans is new U.S. aim.

News I just read of the U.S. deciding it needs to work on cooperation with Afghan civilians more than on killing insurgents is good news to hear. It strengthens my commitment to endorsement of the U.S. objective of democratizing Afghanistan. Here is a link to the ABC story I read.

more on the blackball

Sometime in 1984, 85, or 86, when I was a resident at the Parker Street Shelter in the State Services Building in Boston, MA, I was told by a woman named Patricia, who was the girlfriend of my friend Irving Kinsley, a former U.S. military officer, "Someone who didn't know did something terrible." The look on her face when she said that was serious and dumbfounded. I didn't reply and that was all she said.

Previously, she had said to me, "Who is the leader I heard about around here?" or words to that effect. I replied, "What more of a leader do you need than me?"

The morning of Christmas eve, 1985, at Parker Street, Irving said to me that he saw me on tv the previous night. The only videotape I had ever made had been in 1983 at the New York University Catholic Center adjacent to Washington Square Park in Manhattan, New York City, NY.

"Something terrible" would correspond with a blackball.

blackball suspect

There definitely is a corporate body blackballing me. Mental illness is a nonvectorial condition. A blackball has a target.

I therefore issue a directive that there be an investigation of the prime suspect I have, namely, a girl who was a resident in Harvey House, Crown College, the University of California at Santa Cruz, at the time I also was a resident there. I don't remember her name. She was spoken of as being rich. She was about 5 feet 1 inch tall, dark hair. Her roommate was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, blond, and quiet.

I was a resident in Harvey House during the spring term of 1979. UCSC has a semester system. I resided in Gauss House for the fall and spring terms of 1979-80. Those were my last terms of residence at UCSC.

There is no reason to entertain the reasons this suspect would have for the blackball. That would have been for the time before the blackball was instituted. A blackball is not a judicial or social process. It is done without the attention of society or the law. It is an underworld affair. Therefore it needs to be met with an underworld response. I have no information to add to what I have given here, which is all I know about the suspect.