Thursday, May 10, 2012

My relations with bees

Honey bees, according to NBC news, are suffering from a mysterious disorder that has resulted in large population loss, on the order of 30% since 2006. NBC noted that honey bees are necessary for pollenation of crops that humans depend on for food, and cannot be replaced by other agents.

It is my belief that honey bees can identify humans by their irises because the bees have compound eyes that observe a complex logic that enables this identification of mammals on a selective basis where bees desire to take a certain ecological stand. I believe that bees identified Moses as he floated down the river as a baby, and used him to gain some control over the Egyptian domains. I believe that bees identified me when I tortured them as a child, and are responsible for my rise to unusual high position, and then for my casting into oblivion and loss of my chances to win a Ph.D. in astronomy at Yale, an M.A. in architecture at IIT, and certain Chicago opportunities, though this last loss is being contested.

These poor relations between bees and myself are most unfortunate. I was young and reckless when I committed my offense and now regret it. However, ecology seems to be working in my favor now, despite the cost that might be paid by the human species as a whole. I could tolerate downsizing of the species due to loss of crop production. If it means an end to my enduring bad luck, I'm all for it.

Having crossed that bridge, I declare that I favor 100% population loss of honey bees--extinction.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Endorsement of Barack Obama for president.

Today Barack Obama said he supports gay marriage and in view of my having declared I am in favor of equal rights as a whole for the GLBT community, having spent some time intending to be transgender myself and realizing I owed a great debt to others who are GLBT and have worked for the rights of that whole group, I am formally issuing an endorsement of Mr. Obama for his re-election bid this year.


I have had three osiris moments, the first in 1980 while sitting in the cafeteria at Yale's Kline Biology Tower top floor, the second in either 1989, 1990, or 1991 in my bed in my single bedroom in the graduate dorm in the residence halls at IIT, and the third in either 1991 or 1992 while lying on the floor in my sleeping bag in the bedroom of my apartment on Gunnison in Chicago.

An osiris moment is when the body is flushed with vibrations that temporarily incapacitate the senses of orientation and awareness except for the bones--thus "os"--and the color in the eyes--thus "iris".

Continuing the pattern of the Egyptian Osiris, the three females who take the part of Isis, the lover of Osiris, in these three events can be prospectively identified as Betty Wilt, my maternal grandmother, in the first instance, Laura Gilliam, a playmate of my sister Linda about eight years my junior and aged about six when the affair occurred, in the second instance, and Antoinette Marie Burchard, about 15 years my senior and a pickup at the foot of the John Hancock building in Chicago, in the third instance. The first instance was never spoken of and was only in looks. The second instance was acted on to a little extent. The third instance was a repeated liason for intercourse. The three affairs occurred in districts associated with the institutions in which the Osiris moments occurred, these being, in the first instance, various California institutions that got me into Yale graduate school, in the second instance, the elementary schools of the Chicago metropolitan area, and in the third instance the City of Chicago.

All three affairs were toward the risque side, decreasing in that progressively, just as they increased in blatant sexuality progressively.

The role of Seth, brother of Osiris, who tormented him because of the love affair with Isis, was taken in the first instance by the son of Betty, William Wilt. The second and third instances of Seth are uncertain.

The affairs took place in the years 1980 with Betty in the first Osiris instance, about 1964 with Laura in the second Osiris instance, and 1972 to 1978 with Antoinette in the third Osiris instance.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

this blog added to Yale alumni blogroll

It gives me pleasure to state that the Yale Alumni Magazine site has added this blog of mine to its alumni blogroll. Here is a link to that site where the blogroll is.

Thank you to the Yale Alumni Magazine.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 opposing hypotheses to explain my enduring bad luck

I now have two opposing hypotheses to explain my enduring bad luck.

One is that I have a deep-lying tendency to mishandle opportunity. This tendency would be both wide in scope and narrow in effect. The hypothesis does not speculate about the origin of this tendency.

The other hypothesis is that I have been blacklisted, so that all my initial development of opportunity is allowed to procede but at a certain point, when the course of the opportunity is more definite, events are counteracted by sufficient force coming from some power which does not need to reveal itself but gets all the information it needs to manage the black list. This is a difficult hypothesis to test without a good lead on who is responsible, and instead what I have are numerous small leads not amounting to a coherent case against one party. One suspect is my father and his circle. Another suspect is International Communism. The evidence behind these accusations is given in my autobiography.