Monday, June 25, 2012

On a public monarchy in America.

When I was initially made First by the Italian monarchy in Chicago I kept it to myself and I don't remember the occasion of my first telling someone. I never told anyone about it over the phone or other telecommunications device before I uploaded my videos telling the story of my life in three hours to Google Video in 2006 and after that put them onto the sidebar here in this blog. I believe there were a few people I told in person or gave the dvd of the videos to, months or years after becoming First. This gave to those people who, among the Italian monarchy in Chicago, knew of my elevation a long time to prepare for an eventual informing of x number of people by myself and possibly more by public announcement or second-hand and so on information from me. Such preparations may never have been made, or may have been made. I do not know.

My principal concern in this is for the possibility of word of this event reaching another monarchy in the United States. I am not certain what the consequences of that would be for myself and for the rest of the nation. I have not seen any evidence certainly that it has occurred. I must reckon that a monarchy in the United States would take someone's unheralded claim to be First of another monarchy as a form of challenge to its own power. I would guess that a new First would usually rely on his entourage to inform those in need of knowing of the fact, so that it could be done without creating a conflict of power. I have no entourage. I could have initiated one but I chose not to, as it seemed to me this would weaken my contact with the population. In retrospect, this has been a good choice for exactly that reason.

Now that my living circumstances have stabilized I am in a position to speculate that being First without an entourage gives me certain opportunities that others of my species might find favorable for themselves, such as the opportunity to express my view of the history and present day state of affairs of Chicago, the United States, and the human species. I say that such expressions might be favorable to others only because I have a standard of expression that tends in the direction of truth, as some may agree is the case and some may disagree. I find the opinion, held by some, that, because of my hypothesis concerning the regulation of all animal CNSs by bacteria, I am a crackpot, to make it impossible for me to honor my audience with the benefit of the doubt in the matter of whether I tend toward the truth in my expressions. I must insist that I do, and I will pursue my views of history and the present with forthright intent to make my case if I feel there is sufficient reason to believe that my view is necessary for the truth to emerge on any issue of importance to the species.

I do not expect that I can direct this species by merely a notice of instruction. If I know that a man is better off doing A than doing B then the only way I am going to get him to do A is by giving him an argument he can understand in A's favor. In most matters of general welfare any two alternatives A and B will be so complex that such an argument will be embedded in numerous envelopes of professional knowledge. Most such argument will be better omitted and simple observations made to serve to move us all in the direction of seeing the matter more clearly so that the poplulation is as a result easier to work with, not to mention happier.

I would like to make it apparent that I am very conscious of my responsibility to speak as a First of an American monarchy, to do so without fear and with the good of the population always at heart. We all know there are errors of both omission and commission and I take both seriously. One thing I particularly don't want to omit is the fact that I owe a great deal to the Chicago Italian monarchy. My hope is that I have served well, confirmed some expectations, and quashed some reservations, in the twenty some years I have been First. I look to some further duration in this capacity and don't view it with any dimmer optimism than that with which I began it in 1993. I have yet to marry and still consider it possible, including having children. I have no prospective lady at this time.

One goal I have set for myself is to see the world open itself to a resolution of the accounting differences between the nations' economies, a necessary precursor, I believe, to unification of the species into one constitutional body. The obstacles are enormous, but my understanding is that they exist because bacteria want to maintain a path to war so that there is a penalty for humans burying their dead in coffins. It may be a confusing issue, but I feel it would require as much bother for humans to abandon coffins as it would for them to solve all the technical difficulties of unifying the economies. Neither seems to be the likely course to lasting peace, if one exists. But humans may be able to understand regulation by bacteria of their central nervous systems, or at least those among them who recognize sound scientific speculation at work in my hypothesis, and there is yet some chance that there are some. A partnership between myself and them would be good for everyone, for different reasons those who see my sense and those who don't.

This seems enough of an introduction to my view of life among the humans and I will take my leave with good wishes to all.