Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From the viewpoint of someone who has worked for the sake of an outcast group of people of whom he is a part, it is immediately at issue what the exact new level of well-being is. The lodging society for the group, fortunately, is unable to understand how an improvement has come about. This is an advantage for the outcast group's freedom to enjoy its new well-being. But it seems that the new proximity between outer and inner groups is still limited by economic disparity. The depth of the recent developments is such that it will take a long time for them to be fully realized. Thus the exact level of the new conditions economically may not be the right question. The very heart of the economy is affected, its protopecuniary center. Every quarrel critics have had of the limits of money to bring wellness is to be found active in this population of affected ill people here at Bryn Mawr Care. It is now working its way toward being a population of teachers of those values which each person knew were right but had been disregarded by those who cast them away.

My uncertainty is now what I should take up as my cause in the wake of bringing freedom to the ill here. I shall have to think about it.

Friends with poor memory?

Four previous colleagues of mine are now leaving unanswered email I have sent to them. They are:

George Blumenthal, formerly my thesis advisor at UC Santa Cruz and now chancellor of the university.

Bill Keel, former astronomy graduate student at UC Santa Cruz and now professor of astronomy at the University of Alabama.

Peter Beltemacchi, professor of architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Peter Land, professor of architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crystal is incapable of self-criticism. The relationship is terminated.

I have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that Crystal Newell, the girl I have been dating since September 11, 2008, is incapable of self-criticism. This is a sufficient mark of poor character for me to cease dating her. It also implies inability to recognize character that does include a capacity for self-criticism, which explains why she chooses not to extend fidelity to me, and frees me from having to apply my self-criticism to search for a personal deficit or over-sight that would explain her lack of fidelity.

Any retreat from termination of the relationship would require nullification of the judgment that she is incapable of self-criticism, or a sanguine estimate of how long it would be necessary to wait for her to develop this qualification for marriage under the best of circumstances, my being with her being the sole guarantor of such, self-criticism being uncommon enough that it would likely not fall into place over the three years I am willing to wait over the two already passed. Waiting for that would be a matter of discretion on my part, requiring sufficient inducements in the way of accumulated incidents of exceptional character display or exceptional body carriage and proportions. My records having proven to be an influence over the population, it must be admitted that this current document must be granted some expectation of having an effect on the circumstances in question. But how long must the decision be delayed? Only long enough to let register in my frame whatever disposition there is of the state of affairs. No unseen hand is evident in the rapport between myself and this girl. Self-criticism is a necessary qualification for rulers, and any ruler must refrain from procreation if he has no mate capable of it. The state cannot be asked to gamble along with me, so I am letting Crystal go at this time, without need to explain myself to her any more than saying she is incapable of self-criticism, if she asks me, as she has in the past, why I haven't asked her out in a while. Fidelity would command more explanation and she has not produced it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


How many foreign countries have a translation for "awesome" that doesn't reinforce national rivalries?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Afghanistan: the three words, the measures they imply, and the understanding of journalists.

The American program in Afghanistan to "clear, hold, and build" was given a poor progress rating by an American journalist based on the observation that most of the country there is in the "clear" stage, and it was her feeling that this was a sign of no progress.

I disagree on high order grounds. The three words were, to my mind, selected to permit a concise organization of efforts, and it would be expected that at the outset of use of the three words a preponderance of "clear" conditions puts them on a track to the "build" conditions, along the lines of development intended to do so, rather than delegating them to the branding capacity of either default or lack of signs of change. The three words are effective, it appears to me, in the mind of those who know the measures standing behind them, and to see that effectiveness one needs to know the measures, a more extensive structure than the three words, and therefore their understanding a more demanding task than simply chewing on them as journalists like to do with news from the front. If the journalists can find an approach to understanding the measures intended to move territory into the "build" condition, then we can all share in assessment of the war and prove the value of our open society where generals let journalists know the kernel of what they are thinking and leave them draw their own conclusions which wind up in our hands as news consumers.

Friday, December 17, 2010

About a letter I sent to the State House in Springfield, IL in 2006.

Before the general election in Illinois in 2006 I wrote a letter, to the State House in Springfield, as I believe it is called, with a message I wrote in my own code for English. The plaintext of that message was this:


In this election I was the Republican candidate for Illinois state representative. I lost the election, however all my political aspirations were stored in the establishment of good relations between blacks and whites in the United States. It is with due satisfaction, then, that I watched the election two years later of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States. I had changed parties to the Democrats, first to vote for Hilary Clinton but changed again in favor of Mr. Obama.

Therefore I would like to issue at this time my thanks to the office holders and staff in Springfield who might have felt the effect of my letter. Some may have shared my aspirations and some may not have, but all are due thanks for keeping their public service good during this time of great change and new directions. Let us all hope the work of Mr. Obama in office results in fulfillment of the vote of confidence in him given by the American people, and general well-being of all, even those outside the U.S.

Monday, December 6, 2010

16x16 Sudoku solution.

I claim to have solved from scratch, without a computer, a 16x16 Sudoku.
I claim to have assembled a 16x16 Sudoku from scratch without a computer.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bryn Mawr Care is expendable.

The staff at Bryn Mawr Care and their consultants, SIR Management, and the physical plant at Bryn Mawr Care, are all expendable. Nothing special about any of them or it. The same goes for all of the residents at Bryn Mawr Care except for the girl I am currently courting, Crystal Newell.

A problem employee at Bryn Mawr Care.

I have a problem employee at my nursing home. Her name is Carolyn and she is a CNA, or certified nursing assistant.

This person is on constant watch for opportunities to censure me. She has some strained image of me as constantly looking for ways to take advantage of the system. She ignores the enormous array of cooperative options that I tend to generate at all times, preferring instead to classify me as no better than the other residents. This would be justified if I had not built a social network here of awareness to some degree of what I have done to bolster employee skills. Unfortunately, the skills get more attention than who is bolstering them. This is a regressive situation. It discourages me from doing the bolstering, with those employees who don't take the time to contemplate my behavior from an objective perspective instead of a strictly disciplinary one. If a resident is obeying the staff, he is not observed, because every resident is considered by this type of employee to be a potential troublemaker first and there is no second. So this type of staff doesn't see what I do most of the time to bolster.

Perhaps giving Carolyn's name here will have some consequences and bring her around to a more objectively observant position.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the eve of the coming in of law granting civil unions to gays.

There is a difficult to conceive part of my proposed policy on homosexuals in human society. It is that displays of public affection of all kinds by gays must be prohibited.

It is my feeling that such displays hinge around the assumption that gay interactions are not an offense to overall species sexual affairs. The fact that a gay person has the potential to interact sexually with his own sex is a matter of the extents to which human imagination can be pursued in behavior. I can have an orgasm masturbating in which I visualize absolutely nothing. This is not a positive behavior for the species, and I don't ask for rights to express such a potential in public. I am granted individual rights to pursue it. I am not granted the right to make a spectacle in public out of my imagination turned to this purpose. If I were I'm sure there would be numerous ways I could take advantage of it. It may be possible to present homosexuality as exactly this kind of behavior and argue that it should not be allowed to be seen in public to any extent. Imagination has gained for itself some extensive protections, notably the right to publish literature of all kinds so long as certain limits are imposed, such as the prohibition of libel. It would make sense to me for gay sex in literature to require a warning label, just as cigarettes must do. Gay literature is more offensive, I would suggest, than general heterosexual pornography, and merits this provision of a means to spare the public the trouble of exposure without a warning.

Opposition to homosexuality that I have seen has leaned on statements of feelings about it, and this has been unsuccessful in managing the problem. Enlisting religion to support these statements is of no help whatsoever. Humans have and will encounter from time to time such difficulties. Rights are a matter of government dealing with government, how much is enough and how much is too much. Homosexuality goes far deeper than these concerns and was unanticipated in the agendas of the most forward-thinking men and women. Government needed to be made safe first. Too much satisfaction with this provision is not a good thing. Public conversation needs to be made safe now, and homosexual motives need to be removed from them. Without this achievement there will be dissipation of heterosexual motives. It already exists, and I have taken the extraordinary step of refusing to speak to homosexuals. This has been a successful policy. I feel well positioned to remain firm in my policy of individual right affirmation and mating right denial for homosexuals.

Let us advance along this path of mine. I believe it is good to guarantee individual rights to gays. Let them discuss the policy. Let them keep their gay behavior unseen by the public. It is a better discomfort than being the subject of baiting and other abuse, and I feel it is something they ought to be able to see as such. I do not feel like extending forever a tolerant attitude to the existence of homosexuality and putting it out of existence is a tax I believe should be borne by gays, not straight people.