Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A reversal of the direction of information flow that normally only goes from genotype to phenotype.

Another view of the s in time that occurred to me is that it was a violation of the principle that information flows only from genotype to phenotype, not the reverse. What suggests itself as the reason the reverse could happen is that the curvature of space was so affected that an alteration of the disposition of willingness to mate with me, across the whole population of Homo sapiens, occurred, so that my phenotype had an effect on the distribution of traits by changing the relative likelihood of individuals to get into succeeding generations, and thus the aggregate genotype of the population.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I would do with fame and fortune.

I said in a recent post that I consider my lust empowering.

As a corollary to that, there is my objective to raise the funds necessary to send 8000 of my offspring to college at $400,000 each, or $3,200,000,000.

8000 offspring is roughly one child per day with 8000 different girls. They would be drawn more or less randomly from an audience culled for health--no overweight girls, for example. The order of the acts would be from the ugliest to the prettiest, except that the most pretty would be first. It would take about 22 years, without a break. If demand warranted, I would allow some girls each day to have sex with me without me having an orgasm, that being saved for the one girl chosen as mother for that day. At the start of the 22 years I figure I might be able to accommodate 25 extra girls a day this way, and this would drop of linearly to no extra girls at the end of 22 years. the total number of acts would be about 100,000.

This is what I would do with fame and fortune. Happiness would be a formula for lust.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The consequences of my most distinguishing experience.

Some doubt is in my mind about me starting a new species.

The event which most distinguishes me from others is my passing through an s in time. This is not an event of biological making, but of physical. Other instances may have occurred in the universe and may have happened to other chemical species than DNA. In fact, the event that occurred to me may have resided in some partial component of my molecules, hosted by the complete DNA as a platform within the universal environment, of the surface of the earth, the earth itself, the solar system, the galaxy, etc.. An s in time is a matter of all branches of the state variable of the universe following from one point in time. It occurs, I might venture, when some single particle of matter gets backed into a corner of mixed improbabilities. The circumstances around such an event must express these improbabilities in a continuous way, from the immediate vicinity of the particle into the space around it. The balance of all possible outcomes is so managed in the physical foundation of the particle that the sum of all these minor improbabilities gets converted into the single improbability of an s in time, as a solution to all the many minor improbabilities at once. Evidently such a situation is not favored by any particular density of matter, and can occur with equal probability in empty space or space containing aggregations of matter into stars and planets.

The outcome is a change in the effects of accumulation of matter. These effects are apparently not felt much by life, which is occupied with business in all its myriad physical contexts for their impact on biological drives. The physical effects are however deeply felt by all matter, in all physical states, these being the solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasma. Life has its characteristic rate of discovery of physical processes and this rate is not changed by an s in time which occurs in one place. So the result of the s in time is highly discriminative between its host molecule and the rest of the DNA population, which must wait for the result to spread into effects that can be detected by biological molecules.

The origin of life 3.5 billion years ago was a rare event. An s in time is comparably rare. Life seems to have no signature in astronomically observable effects. Its rarity is of questionable value to anything other than life itself. An s in time is quite different.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The New Haven girl who laughed.

I experienced for a moment with a New Haven girl the power over women that a Yale Man has. We went to East Rock Park. I doubt she would have gone with me if I had not been a Yale Man.

The moment was generated by the sensation I had taking her in my arms. It was the first time I ever felt lust with a woman. I had had the feeling of lust when I was cross dressing in secret and had my first orgasm. But with this woman I felt lust equal to that and was equally stymied by unsuitability of it. My first instinct was to say to her, "I love to feel you!" hoping she would open herself to equal lust herself. She didn't. She was struck by my virginity as if it was laughable, and that's just what she did. She laughed almost uproariously. It wasn't true virginity as I had copulated before, but once it was without attraction to the girl and the other time it was phobic to intercourse, for the sake of nominal virginity. This New Haven girl, of course, knew nothing of my history, but what was laughable about my behavior I cannot fathom. She probably was not aroused at all and my expression of feelings plainly declared that I was, and this inequality she took as some bizarre type of social advantage, and used that advantage to exult over my gullibility that she would be responsive. The words I said stand as a monument to the cruelty of people, for though her expression of advantage seems to me bizarre, to her it bespoke totally a presumption of due ridicule. She was laughing into her crowd, her social circle, while I spoke into the history books, for such is the nature of my published writings. My lust is empowering, and I never make excuses for it. If Yale taught me anything, it is that social circles are best left behind one as he sets out on a quest for eternal significance. Let the circles feel the effects in peculiar or distant ways, as is their need. I have a sense of the beautiful, or I would never have gotten this far, and it serves as a light on my products, hinting at the existence of some or other place where others, not just myself, will welcome them. It is not the complete product, but it counts. I think there is something beautiful in the story of the New Haven girl who laughed. It didn't lessen my lust. It served notice that lust for me is always close at hand, at which there will always be those who laugh. It could be worse, and in fact, in places it is. Other stories append there. Read the autobiography. The name of the New Haven girl of this story is Cindy Koval.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Congratulations to Egypt.

Hearty congratulations to Egypt on its attainment of freedom from dictatorship. May its stewardship of the remains of the ancient kingdoms be suitable to the modern realities, including the existence of my own Osiris-touched life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Crystal Newell may or may not understand, and how that needs to change if I succeed without her.

What Crystal Newell needs to convince me of if she ever develops a desire to show me loyalty is that having a child when I am in my seventies is a proper achievement for me.

We know Charlie Chaplin did it. But that just proves one incident. If Crystal is to exceed with her sexual prowess the competition, which is whatever becomes a reasonable field of females for me given what success I have once I leave Bryn Mawr Care, then that success, and Crystal's view of it in terms of what desire for me it generates, must be set against one another. This is the state of affairs I have created by breaking up with her. I am not trying to make her jealous. I am giving her a chance to see herself on a larger scale, one which may turn out to be more than she can manage. If I succeed greatly, then there will be little reason to return to just an old girlfriend unless she has some real sense. She will have to take the first step. Time is wasting already.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My last four artworks.

My last four artworks. Their titles, top to bottom, are: 1) economy, entropy 2) two sized circles 3) split circles 4) large $. All are 9 in. x 12 in., colored pencil on Bristol.