Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My fight in Santa Cruz, CA.

My fight on the streets of Santa Cruz, CA., in 1981 was at the corner of Pacific and Soquel, starting on Soquel.

A diagram for the internet

I have drawn my schematic of the internet, above. I don't believe anyone else has tried to do this. It's pretty simple, really, but since no one has made so simple, yet unobvious, a statement, I thought it was worth publishing.

I drew the figure a long time ago, for independent reasons. It represents the growth of logic, and the logic of growth. It does seem, at least to me, to represent also the growth so far in the internet, as the notes on the diagram indicate. Each stage--there are four of them in this version, but more can be derived--comprises all the prior stages within it. The encirclements grow in development in a logical manner.

In the top stage, the encirclement is marked in two places, once by a line and once by a point. I conceive of these as preferred entrances of preferred sites. Over time it becomes apparent some sites are preferred, because they better express the value of the web than others.

Can you infer what the next stage is like? And the one after that? Etc....