Sunday, October 11, 2009

bias towards failure in random events pursuant to business success

I am noticing that in action in pursuit of business success there is a bias in supposedly random mistakes and errors toward failure. I interpret this as indication of my presence on a blacklist. It is an unexpected component of the pursuit of success, but must be accepted as a challenge and dealt with just like all the others.

However, there is a difference between this challenge and the others. The assumption of privacy that extends over all aspects of the life of the person is cast as questionable. The assumption is very deep, both in the mind and in the outer world. It motivates the criminal as well as the lawful citizen. In this it is a statement of assumption about the entire world, that although peering eyes exist, the public is essentially a blind environment, and peering eyes have limited scope and range.

In my experience, seeing random events tend toward failure, this blindness is a false presumption. An entity which operates an eye of universal range in the public way probably began doing it as a defense against crime, in a commercial context. Once such a capacity is developed there is nothing to prevent its being applied to personal vendettas. In it's essence, it is itself criminal, the apex of a criminal hierarchy. The law prohibits such universal seeing.

I have stated in my videos in the sidebar that I have evidence the U.S. government acknowledges certain entities as monarchical, existing within the United States. I myself testify to my belonging to such a monarchical entity, the Italian Mafia. This entity does in fact have universal seeing, and could if it wanted introduce a bias toward failure in the random events in the life of someone it held a personal vendetta against. It is my belief that it does not do this, that its intentions are more noble than that, and that it uses its all-seeing powers to strengthen the American nation, and for this reason the U.S. government legitimizes its existence. Perhaps the entity which leads me into failure has a non-criminal component that gets it the access it needs to produce its own all-seeingness, and the fact that it is operating a blacklist is either generously disregarded or is well hidden.

My history of operation in the Mafia is brief and the mutual understanding of operations held between myself and my associates is very limited. While the whole organization must have considerable understanding of allseeingness, I do not have the experience with it, nor do my associates, that they do. Therefore my contention with this threat requires me to lay out a view of this problem from the ground up, and that is what I am doing at present.

I must assume that until I explore an issue in print, it cannot be assumed to be a part of the dialog between me and the broader reaches of my associates. The broader reaches need to be informed of considerable material relating to my operations in order for them to assess the strength of my position, the merits of my claims, and the potential of their abilities in alliance with my own. Much of this is latent in my mind, awaiting expression for myself to realize it, as well as for the broader reaches to first encounter it. This fact is neither a promise of grand plans nor an introduction to specific designs. Frankly, I have no idea what I have in mind. But neither do I forbid myself from any plan or design that might come upon me.

My primary concern at this point is converting my potential into success. Bias towards failure is the nature of the game at present. We will see what progress can be made against it.

Crystal is a straight A student.

In talking with Crystal, my girlfriend, over dinner last Tuesday I learned that she is a straight A student. She does have some B's, but mostly A's. Also, she has all honors classes. Her last year was the junior year in high school. It's not clear if she completed it. The reason she had to leave school was internal medical problems. I don't know yet what the basis is for her residence at Bryn Mawr Care, our nursing home, or her mental illness diagnosis, which I assume she has.