Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three milks is over the limit.

We have certain residents here at Bryn Mawr Care who abuse the system and take more amenities than they are alloted. One such case is people taking three glasses of milk when two has been given to us as the limit. A paired male and female both did this at dinner tonight and I asked staff if it was proper to take three. Staff saw what had happened and spoke up that this was wrong. Staff is not prepared to meet the situation of residents acting with brute force and artificial self-righteousness. The two residents walked out with their extra glass each. Nothing was done about it.

I sat down to dinner and these two residents started bad-mouthing the staff. I raised my voice and said that all we had to do was get three milks at dinner and lunch (this was an error. We get milk at breakfast and dinner, not lunch.) and we could live a glorious, or words to that effect, life. The female struck up that the staff acts like a totalitarian government, or something like that. I said granted, but we can't be screwing each other by taking three milks. Then the male attacked me calling me an asshole and saying it was none of my business. This is the way we are encouraged to treat each other by the laxity of the staff in maintaining a just order. But I insisted that the staff step forward and be heard. Several staff did come forward and there was a shouting match. The male resident had somehow discarded one of his glasses of milk and said I was wrong, that he didn't have three glasses. I know he walked away from the meal distribution line with three glasses of milk. The female still had all three of her glasses and in the end the on-duty case manager said she was going to report the girl. This is not a good result. The two of them were equal conspirators in this and the one will support the other downstream from here. The attack on me by the male was not well addressed, as he used guttural speech and I have little experience matching that blow for blow. Progress is nice and I have done considerable toward it, however, without a strong hand always at the ready, things can deteriorate suddenly. As it is I have to keep an eye out in the future for this male antagonist, for he evidently is now going to keep a grudge against me permanently. He's the kind, and there are many, who easily turns to lifelong enemy. I need a good rejoinder to have on my tongue next time I see him where there is room for a skirmish.