Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pairs of competing texts for English transformation art

I saw on a video at Google once a lecture on how to use the feedback Google provides for its targeted ads for specific search terms by creating an ad in two forms with two different key terms. This yielded immediate information on the relative business generated by the two different terms, where they were the only reason for any difference in clicks on the ads. Then by keeping the term that did better, and pairing it in another test with another prospective term, and doing this successively with more and more terms all of which would be considered good possibilities, one can arrive at the best single term for generating click-throughs and business.

So apply this technique to making suggestions of words to clients to be made into English transformation art. I don't have the feedback coming in, but I can still suggest some comparisons that will arouse a preference in the prospective client. See what you think...

Here are some pairs:

awesome/way cool
slam dunk/home run
contemporary art/modern art
the chase/battle of the sexes
heartthrob/my crush
rags to riches/second effort
ambition/good taste
cordon bleu/filet mignon
pumping iron/no pain no gain
heavyweight/big biceps
planet earth/solar energy

Which of these choices would you select, if you were going to buy English transformation art?

iPoint product endorsement

I would like to endorse the iPoint pencil sharpener, made by Westcott. I have never owned an electric pencil sharpener before and I am very glad I have one now. I believe my artwork has been severely handicapped by the anguish caused by not being able to rely on a good point on my pencils at all times, without hasstle. I never bought one before because I felt I couldn't afford it. The iPoint was about ten dollars, a reasonable amount. It is run by batteries.

There are two features of this device I like. One is that the whole sharpening operation is visible, which gives me confidence in the reliability of the machine since I can see how things are going.

The other is that it is vertically loaded with the pencil--you push down on the pencil to turn it on. This eliminates the problem, whether actual or just perceived, of the sharpener moving out of your one-handed grip as you sharpen.

This is a fine device, attractively shaped, effectively engineered, and affordable, and I recommend it to any artist.