Friday, November 13, 2009

Musings over my diction

I think my diction needs some attention here.

I have developed a style of writing from doing a lot of development of ideas at home where rigor was absolutely essential. This has created a great accuracy but it leaves no room for a wide variety of people to enter into the conversation.

Now conversation with a wide variety of people has its pitfalls. Most of the things one is impelled to say are of no interest whatsoever to others, and have to be put down so that better things to say can be sought. It may be different in a blog, where you speak to ideally large numbers of people and you are going to get a part of that group who finds what you say interesting. But interesting is one thing and conversational is another. I need the conversation. It's a better process.

With that in mind I'd like to just briefly say that I have never become a specialist. I like to go to the corner store for a candybar. Breathing is part of my joys in life. I have hopes of meeting a girl who can talk to me but also turns me on. I don't know how long I'll live but for now I have lots of ambition I can't describe as anything but hidden desire for success, things nobody knows about me, even myself.

I know there is a price I have paid for my suffering. My career never ignited. But this has enabled me to become better equipped with insight and discipline. I can maintain a line of thought into unknown territory. I can choose the right moment for percentage shots. My expectations of what life will be like in old age are more optimistic than they used to be.

I can't predict when I write what the response will be. I have reached out in a number of unusual directions here and none has been passed around much on the net. I did have one post that showed up at the very top of a search that produced 300,000 results. It was my post on Jesus's comment about the camel passing through the eye of a needle and the rich man. It takes more than that to make a Google page rank over 5. Mine is ranked 3. I get an average of 2 visits per day. That's not very much.

I have a few years before my income will cease to be expandable by means of this blog. In that time I will make the best of my talents and just see what happens.

Offer of a 10% cut to get the escrow made for my solution to ending war forever

I know this deal of mine, about asking for $7 billion to be put into escrow for me pending successful performance of my solution to war forever, is surely totally nuts, but there it is and you can take it or leave it. The stickler is getting attention for it. I have to admit there's not much I can say or write that will have much chance of attracting attention, so I will make the following proposition:

If someone who takes me seriously and has clout will conduct a campaign to get the escrow deposit made, I will, on success of getting it made, plus success of the measure and payment of the $7 billion to me, give that party which conducts the campaign for the escrow a 10% cut, or $700 million, of the take.

This of course puts that party in a position of risk. The operation could fail, and if successful the measure could fail. In either case there would be no $700 million payoff.

I think this goes just a little farther toward realization of the solution.