Sunday, December 25, 2011

Next Bears game prediction.

I call the game tonight will end with a Bears loss.

Next game: an 80 percent chance of a win.

Evidence Beltemacchi is not my central opponent.

After Tweeting that I heard a voice telling me my Tweets help the Bears a run of bad luck hit the Bears and the Packers scored a second TD.

Evidently the person who principally opposes me is not a Chicagoan, which rules out Beltemacchi, though he might be an opponent none the less.

Peter Beltemacchi: how good a Bears fan?

I challenge Peter Beltemacchi to a test of nerves: which of us can call the game tonight between the Bears and the Packers first.

As you may know, I have stated I consider Mr. Beltemacchi to be a possible initiator of a blackball against me for not sustaining him in illegal acts in a hypothetical business deal, he the owner of an architecture firm in Chicago and me his, hypothetical, employee.

Approval of a media trend.

There is in the national media in the United States a not so well known trend between celebrities of all degrees to take the time and care to express to each other a moment of real support for one another, ususally by taking a little longer than is normal in such circumstances to hug one another upon being introduced or otherwise brought together. This is a different trend than those we see customarily, at least in any age with which I am familiar. It is a good trend, moreso than most, and will certainly have a good effect on a particular set of people who find themselves, though they may not know it, on any of a large number of precipices of the nature of a personal challenge, whereon much depends in the manner of deeper sharing of emotional bonds with those who share the same stage where these challenges are made, lost, or won. And as examples, people in the limelight, where I have observed this trend, will tend to be moreso than most, or that is what we are led to believe, anyway, by the media.

I look forward to seeing other signs of true caring everywhere I go.

And let us not forget that we are part of a larger conversation between all living species, and have a great privilege to keep a large space under our stewardship in a world of shortages, and need to know more about the illusion which this stewardship actually is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunni and Shiite

I am very pleased with the degree to which Sunni and Shiites in Iraq have managed to lessen the extent of their animosity since the start of the military presence of the U.S. there in 2003. I admit that this is in some measure a matter of faith in the peace despite outbreaks of violence. It is in that also a matter of faith in the ability of the Iraqi government to act as government and sustain a national identity. My personal observation is that this has in fact happened, and that despite this there is an awareness that much needs to be done, for divisions in Islam have been the rule not the exception ever since the life of Muhammad.

Bomb detection in Iraq.

Ted Koppel says that device they use in Iraq to detect bombs doesn't work.

Human scientists say that bees can't fly, and yet they see them do so, like you and I see them do.

Endorsement of Barack Obama for President in 2012.

After reviewing the Republican candidates for president, I have decided for myself that Barack Obama is the best candidate and I heartily encourage others to examine his record and behavior, think on the demands of the office, and I have great trust that for those of good sense and sound judgment Mr. Obama will be the candidate of choice.

Monday, December 5, 2011

No need to hold gays in comtempt.

Before my episode trying to become transgender I seemed to be faced with a lot of opinions that I was gay. This was a mistaken notion and seems to have occurred because I wasn't expressing my desire to transgender and the fact that I was keeping locked up some odious state of mind involving my sexuality came across as being a closet gay. I hope the episode becoming transgender has straightened this matter out to some extent. There remains the fact that I really would prefer being female but cannot do it for medical reasons, and this fact may get some play by some as a continuing state of mind. I do experience lingering effects of having been set on being a female with heterosexual desires. I am working to set those aside.

The point here is that there is no reason for me to castigate gays anymore, insofar as the actual situation is appreciated by others. I castigated gays because it was the only way I could think of to distance myself from that state of mind, faced with overwhelming insinuations I was gay. I hope now the record will reflect the facts. If it does so I can safely accord all due respect to gays for their preferences.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aborted transition to transgender female.

It turned out that estrogen therapy would increase the danger of blood clotting and since I am already at risk for clotting and take Warfarin for it, I decided not to pursue the gender change. The key factor is that without a doctor's approval for hormone therapy the State of Illinois does not permit a change of gender marker in one's state identity cards. This was an unacceptable situation for me, so I decided to give up wearing women's clothes. It was a major disappointment.