Friday, October 23, 2009

City gal's means of keeping her blackball secret

In musing over the blackball city gal has constructed on me, I discovered that my own personal validity test produced a failure.

I find there are two possible consequences:

  • Someone is using it.
  • I'm in the last stages of preparing to die.
I note that city gal is rich by her parents. From my own experience I know that the founder of a successful business would necessarily pass through numerous episodes of desperation, increasing the chances of encountering the proximity of deciding to commit suicide, and the more of these encounters the more likely a working out of the last stages of death, including the release of the test of personal validity.

Such a solution, in the hands of a successful man or his heirs, could be turned to the craft of masking blackball or other such unlawful attacks, by superior knowledge of the solution, in comparison to both the victim and his social context. It is an extremely rare solution.

A second lesson from business success shown by city gal is combat with rivals.

Evidently this involves identifying those who would be rivals anywhere in the nation or world.