Friday, October 30, 2009

Chicago's elite ready to implement my solution to war without paying me for it

Having published the fact that I have a solution for war, succinctly put in my own writing and kept secure in my possession, which I am willing to share and submit to the test of results provided $7 billion is put into escrow so that I will be paid upon satisfactory performance of the solution, I believe that those who affirm my right to see disposal of my effects in the manner of my choosing will in the very least satisfy themselves that what they can make out of the solution shall not be found taking shape in reality without the payment I ask for being delivered into escrow for payment to me in the event the use of the solution proves successful.

I say this because I have seen preparations being made by the elite of Chicago society to put my solution into effect. They have special access to my personal effects because of the nature of their leadership of Chicago society, and in addition I have yielded upon one occasion to the need for conversation on this topic so that I could hear myself think in more realistic terms than solitude allows, thus giving evidence away to those who make it their business to know the substance of all conversations relevant to the city.

While the elite of Chicago make my life secure by arranging that superior forces do not impinge upon me in opposition without sufficient alert, a benefit of being chosen first in 1992, it is clear that my personal survival, including my potential mates and offspring, is not considered a priority, since my efforts at business have proven for the most part unsuccessful to date. Clearly, my independence is not considered potentially valuable to the elite, which causes me to speculate in general about where the points of difference lie between my values, which my independence would advance, and the values of the elite. At first I wondered if maybe my relative youth and lack of wisdom were the difference. But events have shown that my wisdom is second to none in Chicago. The only explanation is that people differ and values accord with that, with the result that the independence that comes from secure personal survival will displace others' independence. The issue returns to whether I can prevent my solution to war from being used, and dying without heirs will be tantamount to confiscation of my solution without payment. Eventually, the elite will make it possible to use it by discouraging memorialization of my life to any large degree. Those who lionize me, and they exist, are considered by the Chicago elite to be "overawed". I don't think that in light of having a solution to war which they take seriously, by all evidence, they can defend themselves successfully against any claim I might make that their motives are purely competitive, and that this is consistent with them calling my adherents overawed.