Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Report on a random occurence of note.

During something like a month preceding the news that I will be getting public housing, which was at the beginning of January, I did one of my occasional random selections of letters of the English alphabet, in this case of four letters, using the random number generator of my calculator.

The letters selected were "exod."

The fit at this point to the word "exodus" was so close, and the relevance to my claim of being the successor to Moses being so strong, I decided not to select further letters, the fear they would not be "us" being also a factor. Perhaps the exclusion of the English word "us" is a play on the fact that the departure will not be in the plural, but in the singular.

Thus a further evidence that my command of my bureau, specifically my ability to extract from it information without formulating it intentionally and thus without exerting stress on the formation of the information, so as to ease my going forward in harmony between the universe and my organic drives, is realized.