Sunday, October 18, 2009

the organization which named me first

I have to clarify, to the extent I am able, what I know about the organization which named me as "first". The Chicago Mafia is not the end of it. There is a part of it which is fully legal, yet has all the power of the criminal division, and moreso. I know nothing of its history. All I observe is that there is a controlling hand at work in America, and that I am given first consideration within my own sphere of activity. This is not autocratic power in my hands. It is enlightened response by someone else to my efforts. I maintain complete legality in my own actions. I inform my actions with the knowledge that nothing I do will be unnoticed. By that criterion I assume responsibility for making things better. It is not a matter of dreaming up schemes. It is a matter of reducing the plethora of confusing impressions to a simple expression of underlying truths, based on experience and reason. It is not easy work.

More than this is difficult to say.