Wednesday, November 19, 2008

being First

As the part 8 video in the sidebar comments on, I became First in Chicago in 1992.

What does a first person do?

Well, first, he stops trying to become first. He begins finally to make good on all his lifelong promises. So my interpretation of being First was to begin writing a journal. My intent was to cure myself of mental illness. As a result of this, in about 2003, I no longer exhibited symptoms of manic depression, one of my two diagnoses, the other being schizophrenic. The doctor took me off of my medication, Depakote. I continued to take Zyprexa for schizophrenia. Another sign I was done with manic depression was that my blood levels of Depakote were significantly reduced, indicating my system was not using it any more.

This development gave me a much wider sphere of activities, since I no longer had to be collapsing my work schedule because of attacks, my planning could be more comprehensive.

I would never have attempted such a program of self treatment if I had not had the sense of confidence that I had the authority to take on anything I desired.

This is not the end of my mental illness problem. The fact of having a history of being manic depressive is equivalent in the world of employment to the fact of being manic depressive. So i stand a better chance as a freelancer than I do as an employment seeker.

Furthermore, I am still schizophrenic, and that is a much more difficult problem than manic depression. Fortunately, my theory of mental illness gives me an advantage. (See obelisk in the sidebar).

I have a small income as a consultant. I also work as a judge of election. In this way I afford a couple of credit cards.

The plans of any monarch depend on his war chest. He must be time-effective. There are many ways to make money but most of them are fraught with time demands and self-denigration. As a monarch, I prefer to be my own boss.

Being multitalented, I can devote effort to a sequence of things, giving each my full attention.

I was a candidate for public office--Illinois state representative--at the request of the Republican Party, which I have now forsaken in favor of the Democrats. The Republicans didn't thank me when the election was over. I got 2000 votes to my opponent's 20,000, but while the norm in politics is to spend $1 for every one vote one gets, I spent only ten cents.

I began a business as an artist. I decided to learn to do portraits in public of unknowing customers at Starbucks. This I succeeded at--Starbucks held a show of the drawings I did in their store. However, though there was a flood of complimentary remarks on the show, nothing sold, so, after another few months of drawing at other Starbucks locations, I discarded all my work. They weren't commercially valuable.

Now I am developing my pinion of the world economy. It succeeded because I am ecologically situated in greater stability than Homo sapiens, as a result of having been homeless for eight years and finding other ecology units than my own species were able to commerce with me intellectually. While mankind pictures ecology as two tone, man and not-man, I picture it more diversely, and man is not the highest point on the chart. The key is that ranking intensity varies much more than Homo sapiens views it to.

Let's take a break.