Friday, November 21, 2008

a world where the pinion is lifted

Let us suppose someone or several persons raise the amount of my small happiness, $175,000,000, and put it in an escrow account pending a mutually agreed upon criterion, with a mutually agreed upon time limit, of return of the world economy to regularity and out of crisis. In order for this to have happened, first of all, it must be reasonably established in my blog and other effects that I have enough authority, experience, and science to justify to both sides of the escrow their respective risks in the enterprise of the escrow. While to some the element of science is sufficient in itself to justify such risk, others will need to see a certain type of experience before even examining any claim of science, and still others will need to certify that the proper authority to undertake so responsible an undertaking in fact exists before allowing any protracted presentation of experience. These three elements, then, are posited as all being necessary in due time pursuant to an escrow addressing the pinion.

Having so posited a course given positive appreciation of the pinion, we need to comment on the plausibility of a positive position, from the simple anticipation that it might be argued that claiming to have had a hand in causing the crisis is patently negative and to offer to remove it for a fee is patently extortive. I will argue that the pinion is also a claim that the world economy can be made better by me than it was before the crisis occurred, not just returned to regularity. I will not be able to clarify the decision to cause harm in order to get the world's attention. It is easy to anticipate that a claim that I had the ability to improve the world economy and would anyone like to deposit into an escrow to that end, would not be taken seriously no matter how much authority was behind it, or rather one must say that that kind of authority does not exist at present. Given that no escrow, lacking evidence, is realizable, a demonstration is unavoidable. Given a demonstration, a positive demonstration is not sustainable as it tends to disassociate boundaries of personal volition, whereas a negative demonstration is more sustainable as it has distinct quasi-national qualities that a positive demonstration does not have. These affectations, as they alight here more or perhaps less persuasively, just happen to correspond to the emerging codes which engendered the pinion, and were utterly surprising to me i might add.

This correspondence lends credibility to the enterprise of the pinion for my position. Whether it lends credibility to it for the other position, that of those who deposit into the escrow if this happens, is anyone's guess.

All these deliberations weigh on the choice of small happiness for me by someone and the claimed consequence of return to regularity of the world economy. They establish a base on which to approach the seemingly imaginary enterprise of the choice of large happiness for me by someone to the tune of $7 billion and the claimed consequence of a higher global standard of living, one might say in ignorance of the many dangers of distributive inequalities already pervasive. by for now.