Sunday, December 7, 2008

hunger and blogging

I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the difference in wealth between bloggers and myself. It seems everyone else has his own home, lots of paraphenalia, and spends money everywhere he goes, never is hungry. His choice is generally what to buy, not whether to buy. I live on social security. What my nursing home Doesnt take from me is $30 a month. So as I walk by the coffee shops I face the decision whether to use my credit card, already near its limit, because a coffee and pastry would be soooo nice, or suck it up and walk by without going in. All my $30 now goes to card payments. The little bit i earn goes there too.

Is this worthy of blogger traffic? Well, maybe. If there's interest in life aside from money, maybe.

What product am I able to affiliate with?

The Hewlett Packard HP33s scientific calculator.

I write programs for it.

I love the calculator. I have three of them because I can't fit all my programs on one.

But what I do with it you cannot. Unless you buy a copy of my programs. And they're not for sale.
So if I write expansively about my programs, you're not going to be able to check them out. What commercial purpose does that serve? I don't see it.

So this is not a blog like other blogs.

But if a man's word is to be valued. Then i have some to offer.