Sunday, December 14, 2008

mental illness, interest, and exterest--a special case

Mentally ill people, and I speak from experience, have a terrible condition in omniterest. Their entire sphere of interest is equal to a giant median because the inner membrane is collapsed to the very center of the sphere, leaving a median whose thickness is equal to the radius of the sphere. As a result, whenever other people enter the details of the person's interest, no matter how close to the center they get, the nature of the space there is exactly a median, and has properties of the domain outside the sphere and properties of the domain inside the sphere. The inside, however, being contracted completely inside the collapsed inner membrane, is terribly pathological and even though it may be controlled by medication, the medications available only serve to relax this condition and do not resurrect the inner membrane. All throughout the volume of the mentally ill person's sphere of interest, outsiders, because this region is a median in nature, will involve themselves in analysis of the person and will decide whether to remain interested or to depart, just as happens in normal persons' medians, but in the mentally ill this is the dynamic throughout the entire region of interest. There is no real inside where others want to explore at liesure and in comfort, without any pressing urge to depart.