Thursday, December 4, 2008

elaborating the boundary between interest and exterest

Returning to the discussion of the generalization of interest to include exterest:

Anything a person does is by definition inside his interest. the only way to introterest what is exterest is by calculation, not interaction. This is true for r, the radius of the domain of interest, being much greater than delta r, the width of the boundary, so that delta r can be modeled as zero. interior to the boundary a certain type of interaction occurs, in some ways like inside, in some ways like outside.

Everything I have said so far about omniterest, or the union of interest and exterest, of a person can be said equally of a corporation, which includes universities. however, omniterest of persons and corporations depend on a certain substrate which is provided by a nation, so omniterest is not also true of nations.

An omniteresting entity which has in its domain of interest a phenomenon whose discovery would invoke events undesirable to the entity would maintain interior to its boundary repulsive effects for all outside entities. Once inside the boundary, free access everywhere inside is assumed.

All boundaries are considered to have a nonzero thickness, therefore we must elaborate terms for the boundary. At this juncture we note the correspondence of omniterest with the morphology of cells of plants, which have two layers at their boundary also. We will not use plant cell terms. instead we will call these the inner membrane and the outer membrane.

We will also be careful to refer to the region between membranes as the median, and to refer to the whole edifice of inner membrane, median, and outer membrane as the boundary.

We will measure the radius of a body of interest as the distance between the center and the outer membrane. All bodies of interest are assumed to be spherical. when speaking of the boundary we may refer to the distance between it and the center as the radius of the body, but this is only approximate and the approximation is worse the thicker the median is. In some cases the median may constitute nearly the whole interest body.

We used the term periterest previously to refer to the region near the boundary, inperiterest being just inside the boundary and experiterest being just outside it. Now these terms have to be clarified, namely, that experiterest concerns the region just outside the outer membrane and inperiterest concerns the region just inside the inner membrane, while periterest includes both of these and this necessarily does not include the median. When the median is modeled as being of zero thickness, then inperiterest is the region just inside it and experiterest is the region just outside it.

A blog is a representation of the whole interest body, both boundary and interior, but it is located, like all public phenomena, in the median. It serves as a means of producing introterest upon this representation, causing exterest to migrate inward in that representation, and, by means of certain keys in the blog, allow movement of people's interest to flow from the actual median, where the whole blog is, into the interior of the actual interest body where the actual person abides.

At the very center of the actual interest body, almost as minute as the nucleus of an atom is inside its electron shell, is a wholly different type of interest nature, namely, the viscera of the actual person. only the person himself and his lover are so profoundly interested in the person that these phenomena have an interesting quality, despite their indelicacies. more about this could be said, but indelicacy forbids here.