Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my character set mutates

My own character set of sixteen characters is a mutating set. It changes depending on certain factors.

One such factor is the effect of aging. When I got to be a certain age I realized I was less capable of various tasks of locomotion. In response to this I decided to change the three character of my set. It had been a diagonal line descending to the right with a horizontal baseline, the diagonal line being at a slope of two. I imagined the character to be a pitch which I could regularly climb for a protracted distance. With the decrease in my mobility, I changed the slope of the character to one, so that it represented the less steep pitch which I could regularly climb for a protracted distance. My frequent use of the character set reminded me of this development in my mobility.

When my eyesight began to deteriorate I decided to delete all the dots in the character set, for certain uses. There are four dots. They occur in characters zero, eight, ten, and fourteen. I did this as an alternative to starting to wear glasses. I refer to the altered set as “no spectacles”. Later, I determined that there are some cases where I need to treat character ten specially. It is a dot at the top of the character staff. No lines in the character. Leaving out the dots would turn this character into nothing but space. I found in a certain appllication that having a character with nothing but space was an obstacle to the application. So I made the no spectacles version to be a full staff “X”. I have found that this mutation is effective in a certain way relative to use of the character set with advancing age. It turns out that there are consequences to the mutation which add value to my theory of mental illness, a theory which is expressed in my character set.