Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vying for authority between a mentally ill person and a normal person

When a mentally ill person and a normal person converge on a place and the ill person attempts to engage the normal person in vying for authority over some functional aspect of the place, the situation in the mentally ill person's mind is one of logical links leading outward from the place in two strands, one interest type functionality for the mentally ill person, and one exterest type functionality effected by the normal person. In the normal person's mind it is all interest, because they have lots of pure interest type terest and carry this into anyplace where they have authority.

It is the ill person's only hope that he develop his interests in conflict with the interests of the normal person. The two strands are fundamentally different in quality and movement along one is unreasonable to the other, absolutely and without possibility for compromise. Only by superior scaling, bringing in a larger range of considerations and economies, can the mentally ill person prevail over the normal person in a situation where there is vying for authority.

The significance of this result is vast, for it applies to all matters regarding the handling of the mentally ill person's life by the mental health industry.