Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crystal is off restriciton

After putting Crystal on notice she would lose me if she was not able to get off restriciton, and didn't choose to marry me in that case, I mentioned this condition to some staff at the nursing home. They felt it was too strict. I said Crystal wasn't moving on it. They said she had been asking around about it, specifically with the assistant administrator, Dorothy Jackson. This was useful information.

I asked Miss Jackson about it. We talked at some length. She suggested I talk to the clinical director, Pat Blumen, as she was primarily responsible in this matter.

Talking with Miss Blumen, it was apparent she had learned something about me from the last conversation we had had. When I told her I wanted to expedite Crystal getting off restriction she said she had been thinking about it and was ready to take her off, provided the doctor (psychiatrist) approved it.

So she followed through and now Crystal is off restriction.