Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crystal's deadline--in two weeks

My nursing home has refused to let me enter the discussion of my girlfriend Crystal's restriction from leaving the facility. She seems to be the victim of stigma of being mentally ill. I would help her fight the stigma if they would let me enter the discussion but they won't. I have consequently told Crystal that if she is not able to win the argument she and I have no future. I have given her 2 weeks, and after that if she hasn't gotten them to admit she is right that she did nothing wrong then i'm calling it quits with her.

This is very troubling. If I fail with Crystal then what hope for me is there with a normal girl? At least the mentally ill have distance from the species. the normal do not and will consequently be even more difficult to fit into my plans for a new species. Homo sapiens are saturated with commitment to the grip of homo sapiens on real estate. It may come to war.