Monday, February 2, 2009

Interest breath swamped by exterest breath throughout the sphere of interest.

Before the onset of mental illness, as the sphere of interest expands under the impulse of the growing inner membrane nourished by the breath of the person, the median is always a spherical shell. And as we saw in a recent post, the spherical shape produces the effect of a voice, limited to one such, and for exterest in the median this voice is impelled by mission, the impulse of survival of the species in numbers. Thus this impulse is imprinted on the sphere of interest throughout, because the median passes through every radius from zero to the full size of the sphere of interest.

Then when mental illness hits and the inner membrane disintegrates, exterest flushes into the sphere and the entire history of its impulse passing from zero radius to the radius of the inner membrane is apparently restored. Breath inherent in interest is commingled with breath impulse inherent in exterest and at every juncture interest breath is way behind on the multifaceted schedule of exterest breath, which now fills the entire sphere, swamping the person's own schedule of breath in a wash of species survival impulse strength.