Wednesday, March 18, 2009

repression of me by unspecified Roman Catholics

One day when I was little my siblings and I were delighted to have the opportunity to persecute some Roman Catholics. One or more of them appeared at our home on some errand to see our mother. When we noticed or heard or figured out that the person or persons was a Roman Catholic, we hid behind our mother and taunted: "'re a CATHOLIC!!" We were taken to the local protestant church every sunday. Religion was not discussed in the home. Our mother shushed us for speaking out at the door visitor(s).

I have had a couple of strong impressions that somebody considers my intelligence evil. Evil is a Christian rallying point.

The Catholic church's history and documentation of a large number of saints offers a wealth of strategies for warfare in the matter of righteous indignation. It's too bad that they had to go to such lengths to make an issue of this incident on our doorstep, which hardly seems the level of persecution undergone by probably any saint.

Because a number of Catholic priests have been appreciative of my general good nature, I feel this blackball is among the Catholic laity. Otherwise, it would have to split the clergy.

Although from a casual perspective this seems mere childishness, the national nature of the action shows it is a cause celebre of some national power. Two monarchs can be sterling exemplars and still loathe each other in every way. Certainly then an existing monarch can have the same response to a commoner such as myself. The fact that I have taken the ball as far as appointment as a mafia kingpin returns it back to the case of monarch versus monarch. My being now a monarch doesn't lessen the animosity they feel for me. nor does it of itself diminish their power to influence my playing field.