Monday, June 1, 2009

revision of my earlier position on the black race

I would point out to ranking blacks that my thinking about their race earlier, in which I drew conclusions from a model of taxonomical divisions which i created and which no longer informs my thinking because it lacks wide ranging confirmation, has been supplanted by a more wide open perspective. At the time i used this model I was working in absence of a unified model other than my own and also was limited by my stage of logical development to bonds with the white race, both conditions mitigating against a prolonged examination of the nature of race. As my logic has developed I have had time to see some significant factors in black race nature which puts it in no different class than white race nature and the question which I have had all along of whether black race misfortunes are the result of chance in race encounter with the global environment or of innate relative maladaptation seems to be answered by chance. I know of no one who has taken such a broad view of the issue of race comparisons but myself and I say this without an attempt to position myself as a leader of the species but rather to defend myself against the natural resentment which my public pronouncements have aroused. It is a more complex case than growing wiser with age. It is a matter of very difficult purpose.