Wednesday, July 8, 2009

implications of a failing calendar system

The roman system of corrections to an integral day year leads to a series of embedded, increasingly long, lulls of uniform rates of inaccuracy, a series which ends, due to a slowing earth rotation, at four.

It was military success that enabled the adoption of this system, and so its only real use is militarily achieved unification of the peoples.

The temporary nature of the system suits a temporary time of military developments and political consolidations. It has agricultural use only in service to those ends. Consequently, the world after the calendar expires will be riddled with questions of what it has produced that will fail to find anyone willing to answer. The calendar puts everyone in one ship.

Everyone can see the calendar losing accuracy. Who among them has seen the math of adding a slowing earth rotation?

On the first, no one in authority but me has done us all the service of calculating and publishing it. Why have i done it? Because i am a failure within the calendar and built outside it, trusting in my personal validity rather than judgments of the mentally ill.

As daylight savings time shows, homo sapiens needs a calendar to directly show process and cannot itself provide modifications to make it work. So one would expect the same for integral days per year, only there is no modification that will work beyond so many years.

What agreements are homo sapiens forming to move beyond this calendar? After so many years it will fail. What agreements are larger than those made in the calendar? God is strictly a calendar kind of guy. I suggest people start asking this type of question or they will lose more and more options as time progresses.