Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The buyer of my art chooses the text that becomes the art.

The buyer chooses the text that becomes the art. That is the central message I wish to convey. You can see clearly what kind of image you can expect by looking at my gallery. There is a certain look about them that is immediately recognizable. Yet each one is unique as the word or words it represents.

Everyone has a different feeling about individual words. My art gives you the chance to immortalize the word or words that mean the most to you. Perhaps that is your spouse's or child's name, a favorite person or social group, a cause you believe in, a motto, a geographical location. There is no limit to the ideas that people might want to give a special place to as an artwork hanging in their home or office. And you have ten very different color schemes for the piece, each one of them showing off the theme in a special way.