Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Markets and Relevance

A good, i.e. relevance, made of synergies of irrelevance, when inspected in detail will convey irrelevant values. A good made of relevant values can only convey relevant values.


What you are looking for is in the neighborhood.
Relevance constituents.


Irrelevance constituents.
Outposts where congregate those who couldn't find what they were looking for in the neighborhood.

Writing a book it can be assumed one has traveled outside the neighborhood.

A book cannot be written with only relevance. Colloquial speech is a neighborhood device. Relevance always decays into colloquial speech because demand for it is everywhere greater than supply. It never collects into a book.

Technology's ultimate reference is historical where neighborhoods were transcended.

Corporations are built by systematization of travel out of the neighborhood, and preservation of relevance despite it.

Irrelevance is the logical result of growth block, throughout evolution. It is not a corporate venture, since those assume speech.

Commentary on an argument can be either relevant and valuable, the usual case, or irrelevant and valuable, which can become relevant in the same manner a product of synergies can do this.