Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blackball suspect's motive may be homosexual rivalry over one of my girlfriends

I have given to the UCSC student I suspect has blackballed me the code name "city gal".

I suspected at the time I knew her that she was keeping her roommate as a gay lover. She had a hard edge to her.

It is possible she was jealous of me bing with my girlfriend, Mary Nolin, or other girls or a girl, and used the party issue as a front. If so, the blackball is a rivalry.

The blackballer caused the loosening of my front tooth, and being able to knock loose a guy's tooth is not something you would expect of a heterosexual girl.

My attackers in Santa Cruz were male equivalents of her roommate and Mary--tall, blond, and young. She evidently has a thing for that type of person.