Friday, October 16, 2009

A mystery guest who knows my English ancestry--what they need to know

There is a large mystery guest looking on over me. I think it's somebody who is familiar with my English ancestors. They didn't like what I did at Yale or anything after that. I won't waste their time defending those times. Instead, I point out that in 1981 I had a fight with several young men in Santa Cruz, CA that created a very different constituency for me and anyone who wants to know what I'm doing now needs to know about that fight.

I didn't feign from taking their assault. I was a target because I was homeless, sleeping on a bus bench, in the middle of the night. After seveal minutes they were unable to beat me, though I took a blow. Under cover of night they could have killed me. As a homeless, no one would have investigated. But as the winner, because I walked away without fear, and their intent was totally thwarted, I gained the respect of Santa Cruz youth--one of them came to me after the fight, when I told the kicker that I was unhurt, shaking my hand and said, "Welcome to Santa Cruz!" despite the lingering presence of the attackers. I believe the movie trilogy, "Karate Kid" is a spinoff of this fight, which I am unabashedly proud of, as the portrayal of the central character is quite glamorous, and his teacher quite wise.

I feel confident I have acted in good faith to my performance in the fight, and have made it pay off in social terms by enabling me to be tapped by the Chicago Mafia as a kingpin, a distinction that is rare in anyone's book, regardless of all the unsavory preceding events of mental breakdown and loss of home, and the failures in astronomy and architecture. I am advancing on several fronts as I write, as a recognized king of Chicago.

The mystery guest needs to check these claims out. Much potential is being wasted by their continuing refusal to admit me to national renown, which I believe is their territorial pleasure. None of the groups that have indicated they are following me is able to bring renown without some assurances of backup by the mystery guest.

I believe it is a matter of honor, but also of impact, denied. I refuse to allow my claims to be described as vanity, for which reason I go on at length when I describe my distinctions, to reassure the audience that I am basically a humble guy who just happened to be confronted with great odds, and became a champion most reluctantly, but refuses not to serve as requested in response to these distinctions, and finds the lack of cooperation of the mystery guest quite irksome, but how would they know about the fight in Santa Cruz unless I told them and they checked it out.