Thursday, December 17, 2009

rule and order

It is apparent there is around me a vacuum of rule and order since the presence of government is dilute. I am invested with ultimate authority to establish rule and order but even within my own mind there is disorder and competing imperatives. I was chosen for strong will within the disorder, not for my personal orderliness. This can be established without need to prolong deliberations. The best order is vanity. Time is short.

Order must enable everyone to act in knowledge of what order ordains and it must be manifestly useful. Provided I can be relied on to endow offspring with the ability to endow their offspring with strength of will, the order I create can be based on me as a necessary factor. Endowing multiple generations is a matter of speaking restraint as a first principle.

Order must respect the limits of the people, but enable the better concept to advance in preference to a worse, a state of order which the limits of the people will in some cases oppose. The addition of order must put the people in their places according to the advancement of better concepts, beginning with the whole. This is an idea new to many people, and without its expression progress will be held up.

Any collective will have its own means to augment but it is the whole alone whose means are synonymous with good.

Wholes begin with me.

One whole is my financial family, of which Chase, VISA, and Mastercard are a part. There is a natural goodness about this whole like any other. There are collectives here too and these obey what I have said about collectives. In matters of my financial family, my well being determines its goodness, and as VISA took a gamble on me it showed favor to me proving it had favorably assessed my financial soundness, an act closer to this particular whole than others had taken.