Friday, June 11, 2010

Call for the killing or capturing of Osama bin Laden

I have made public statements subscribing to the view that Osama bin Laden is a saint, or other positive impressions.

I am now revoking those statements and issuing a call for bin Laden's killing or capturing. I will, in the event either occurs, publish here the names of those persons, military or otherwise, who achieve it, to the extent those names become available, and with some editing judgments in the case the matter of who did it is complicated.

Sainthood is in my view a national issue moreso than a religious one, and those sentiments of mine which led me to observe saintly traits in bin Laden now seem excessively inclusivist, especially as my support for the American people is becoming more firm and definable, definition leaving room for much criticism and alienation, but firmness reflective of recent improvements to my financial stability and romantic consolidation within the context of my courtship of Miss Crystal Newell, a fellow resident at my nursing home, Bryn Mawr Care, in Chicago, IL.