Monday, August 23, 2010

Santee event signals the notion of legend, not Christ.

The incident of me walking my bicycle on a highway in Santee, CA in the summer of 1986 might have seemed to the three pesons who witnessed it and lined up standing on the road shoulder for me to pass them as the appearance of the Christ because I put my arms out, but in fact it was not a Christ image but a legend, because I also put my legs out. This position formed a five-pointed star with my head. Although I cannot say it with certainty, I think of it as a legend, in the sense that it was a sign for use in understanding a map of the road.

Please do not think of me, for all my statements of outsize events in my life, as a Christ. I am not a teacher, though I may exhibit a lesson or two now and then. A teacher is lost in the diseconomies of lengthy proof, and anything worth learning needs a length of time to prove. I pursue economy, so that I can earn a decent dollar and provide a base on which my descendants can learn to do the same.

I apologize if I have left an unclear message regarding my view of the event of Santee, 1986. I may have reservations about even the term legend, but not nearly so much as for the term Christ. If other meanings of the term legend apply, including over time, as all legends grow over time, then I shall try to accommodate them. There was no name on that event, so if my name does come into prominence for some reason let it be known that reality is a strict logician, and that event will always be served by a strict logical truth. Christians who wait for a Christ are expecting something in particular. Any man who would accept that expectation as a stricture on his life would in my view be a very unwise man. As far as other religions also await a redeemer, and my understanding is that most religions do, then the same view of mine I would carry for them. I am a scientist, and an atheist. Nothing like a Christ could be farther from my intentions, and I hope this is clear.