Friday, December 17, 2010

About a letter I sent to the State House in Springfield, IL in 2006.

Before the general election in Illinois in 2006 I wrote a letter, to the State House in Springfield, as I believe it is called, with a message I wrote in my own code for English. The plaintext of that message was this:


In this election I was the Republican candidate for Illinois state representative. I lost the election, however all my political aspirations were stored in the establishment of good relations between blacks and whites in the United States. It is with due satisfaction, then, that I watched the election two years later of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States. I had changed parties to the Democrats, first to vote for Hilary Clinton but changed again in favor of Mr. Obama.

Therefore I would like to issue at this time my thanks to the office holders and staff in Springfield who might have felt the effect of my letter. Some may have shared my aspirations and some may not have, but all are due thanks for keeping their public service good during this time of great change and new directions. Let us all hope the work of Mr. Obama in office results in fulfillment of the vote of confidence in him given by the American people, and general well-being of all, even those outside the U.S.