Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crystal is incapable of self-criticism. The relationship is terminated.

I have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that Crystal Newell, the girl I have been dating since September 11, 2008, is incapable of self-criticism. This is a sufficient mark of poor character for me to cease dating her. It also implies inability to recognize character that does include a capacity for self-criticism, which explains why she chooses not to extend fidelity to me, and frees me from having to apply my self-criticism to search for a personal deficit or over-sight that would explain her lack of fidelity.

Any retreat from termination of the relationship would require nullification of the judgment that she is incapable of self-criticism, or a sanguine estimate of how long it would be necessary to wait for her to develop this qualification for marriage under the best of circumstances, my being with her being the sole guarantor of such, self-criticism being uncommon enough that it would likely not fall into place over the three years I am willing to wait over the two already passed. Waiting for that would be a matter of discretion on my part, requiring sufficient inducements in the way of accumulated incidents of exceptional character display or exceptional body carriage and proportions. My records having proven to be an influence over the population, it must be admitted that this current document must be granted some expectation of having an effect on the circumstances in question. But how long must the decision be delayed? Only long enough to let register in my frame whatever disposition there is of the state of affairs. No unseen hand is evident in the rapport between myself and this girl. Self-criticism is a necessary qualification for rulers, and any ruler must refrain from procreation if he has no mate capable of it. The state cannot be asked to gamble along with me, so I am letting Crystal go at this time, without need to explain myself to her any more than saying she is incapable of self-criticism, if she asks me, as she has in the past, why I haven't asked her out in a while. Fidelity would command more explanation and she has not produced it.