Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From the viewpoint of someone who has worked for the sake of an outcast group of people of whom he is a part, it is immediately at issue what the exact new level of well-being is. The lodging society for the group, fortunately, is unable to understand how an improvement has come about. This is an advantage for the outcast group's freedom to enjoy its new well-being. But it seems that the new proximity between outer and inner groups is still limited by economic disparity. The depth of the recent developments is such that it will take a long time for them to be fully realized. Thus the exact level of the new conditions economically may not be the right question. The very heart of the economy is affected, its protopecuniary center. Every quarrel critics have had of the limits of money to bring wellness is to be found active in this population of affected ill people here at Bryn Mawr Care. It is now working its way toward being a population of teachers of those values which each person knew were right but had been disregarded by those who cast them away.

My uncertainty is now what I should take up as my cause in the wake of bringing freedom to the ill here. I shall have to think about it.