Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More on my cross dressing.

Being a female behavior for 60 years it is not likely to change in another 60. Why deny my most fundamental taxis and not cross dress in my own home?

What plans result?

To build on the achievements of one's father is the cornerstone of a son's duty. Who was there to decree a foul for me?

--the adoption route, now too late.

My father once or more cheered:

"hus sus sah
hus sus sah
hit 'em on the head
with a club us sah"

Other examples are plentiful.

Pat Cannon's story about me walking through male aggression with aplomb, at junior high, shows I picked up something from my father... but...

A hand entered our home--Marie Smach Batek, my grandmother.

Maybe I picked it up not from my father, but from his mother.

There were two options for me:

1. no cross dressing and a two-bit gangster

2. cross dressing and a kingpin

My mother was reckless. Her behavior at the movie Lucas in California in 1996 shows it. It's the kind of thing a child wouldn't notice. I noticed it because I had arcane knowledge.

My mother got mail when I was living with her in 1996 from the Rosecrucians. I asked her if she was a member and she said she had nothing to do with them.

Why did they send her mail? They wouldn't send out mass mail, I'm sure of it.

I conclude she probably was a member and kept it secret.

Al Bowyer, our neighbor in Glen Ellyn, told me there was something wrong with my mother. It could have been her living a secret life as a Rosecrucian. When did she join?

My mother was reckless. She married a crude man. What counsel did she get from the Rosecrucians?

Wisdom judges the preference of taxis in gender. Not all of the facts can be discovered however. And some are locked into the puberty bootstrap.