Thursday, January 12, 2012

The mugging meltdown.

In the aftermath of my publishing  what I will call an "Assertion M"--for "Meltdown"--which concerned my relation to the black race, I have been mugged by two armed men, and in an attempt to prevent any future recurrence of a mugging I threatened I would change political parties if one did. Now further repercussions have shown the situation to be in meltdown mode. I believe this calls for a clarification of why I made Assertion M.

Ever since my homelessness in New York, New Haven, and Boston I have had difficulties with the black race. However, I ultimately decided I would side with liberal values and made a statement of this committment in 1993. This statement was taken as my word of honor and I have been working in the interest of black people ever since, preferring tolerance in conflicts but also contributing money to the United Negro College Fund. Despite this turn of events there has been a plot among black people to do me in, as they say, unbroken to the present. It has been my belief that this plot was largely arranged by white racist forces which desired to poison my relations with black people because these racist elements knew I would be a potent force if a merger of intents were formed between myself and blacks. The fit for this racist element lies in the Communist Party, internationally. An explanation of my run-in with the party is given in my written autobiography available online at, page 170.

I issued Assertion M because I felt I was in desperate need to give evidence I had decided to uphold liberal values rather than continue to be angry at blacks, so that the black groups would stop targeting me for dissolution.

It certainly didn't occur to me that issuing the assertion would create a problem. It did though, and damage has been done. The primary call here would seem to be for intelligence work with regard to the communist party.

I will monitor the situation and maintain my committment to blacks as equal partners in the American enterprise.