Sunday, November 16, 2008

the functional elements of the pinion

As a result of my study of mental illness I arrived at an understanding of life. Initially, this was expressed in terms of logic and was not very well elaborated. Lately, however, I have made some progress on the theory, found a common sense interpretation, and determined a very simple expression of the theory in terms of characters which I invented in 1983, my own language you might say, except that needing none for myself, I put no sounds to the characters, and, more importantly, do not use them as words, rather as numbers. much more than this I will not tell, nor probably could I since my characters aren't on the keyboard and I haven't yet attempted to create that functionality. However, I will tell what I have done in simple functional terms. I have expressed life's options at the most fundamental level, and these are threefold. Zero, life gets more complicated. One, life gets more regular. Two, life gets more fulfilling. That having been done, I have started a countdown on a calculator with a program I wrote. When the countdown ends, I make a determination: Am I not happy, small happy, or large happy. My inscription on my expression of life's options then will correspond to my happiness. Not happy, i write life gets more complicated. Small happy, I write life gets more regular. Large happy, I write life gets more fulfilling. That is a simplified explanation of the pinion. After the first countdown ended, I was not happy, and I wrote life's option of getting more complicated. Then in a few days the crisis on wall street broke. The countdown has ended again and I am still not happy and wrote accordingly. We will see.