Sunday, November 16, 2008

my role in history

You will find in the sidebar videos detailing the course of my life to 2002 a statement by me that I saw a fire very similar to the fire seen by Moses. Now there is and has been for many centuries a preoccupation of many people with anticipating a second coming of the Christ. So clearly I am not answering that call or any of the associated things that people expect of such a second coming. I am not the messiah and I am not a deliverer in that sense. I mention the incident of me seeing Moses's fire only to assist the interpretation of my statements and actions. Anyone wishing to claim to be Jesus coming back is going to have a hard time substantiating that. The Jews have a checklist for a messiah. The Christians have a more fuzzy concept and I can't imagine what a true messiah would go through, either to get to the point of achieving messianic deeds or to get recognition by society as the messiah, certainly a difficult thing to do given the hashing over by Christians of contemporary life as a ground for a messiah to enter. Being a second example of whatever it was that Moses was is in a sense much easier. No one expects a second Moses and there is absolutely no literature or buzz about one. So I am left free to determine for myself what to do about having seen what Moses and no one else saw. The moment I saw it I realized that my life was different from then on. Exactly how I didn't have any idea. That was in 1992. It is now sixteen years later. The videos in the sidebar cover only up to 2002. I have mulled over many parallels between Moses and myself, now that I have some reason to do so. Some things are not parallel. He was raised the son of pharaoh. I was born and raised the son of a lady's hairdresser. He was a jew. I am an atheist, though I have been at times a Christian and a Buddhist and have had some ties to Yoga. The parallels are of interest only if one finds my claim to holding the world economy in my control at least minimally reasonable, and that being at question I will leave those matters to some other time. I have other things to discuss and I will close now.