Saturday, November 1, 2008

inaugural post

Welcome one and all! It is with pride and determination I begin this enterprise, having come to it through no small feat of longevity. Many is the time I have been near death's door, pitting my acumen and wits against foe, adversity, hunger, cold, exposure, enmity, misunderstanding, and any number of other similar obstacles to simply getting to the next day ready to do it all again. Well, it's been a trip. Now I'm ready to launch into my endeavor to do what others care not to, because they are too concerned with compromise. If I had been willing to compromise, I would have become a hack like everyone else. Not that I am unaware of the top of the curve, either. I know there are exceptions out there. I saw them in college at Yale. But my position is different, even from them. It is not every milenium that a human sets eyes upon the fire of Moses. If my reading is correct, the last time it was Moses. Then it happened in 1992, here in Chicago--I saw it myself with my own two eyes. Of course I shudder to think of it. The portents are not good for certain dominant entities, just as was the case in Moses's time. I would not be honest if I said I had nothing to do with the Wall Street crisis of the past month. And the end is not in sight. Now I am in a different situation from when I was adrift alone, facing those things of which I just spoke. The tables have turned. And information is flowing in the other direction. Whether the money will too, that's anyone's guess. But the imbalance of resources, between me and the rulers, is now being reduced. Moses wanted the Jews freed. That was his path. Mine is different. I want some resources of my own. and when I get them, by any means legal, I will remove my lock on the economy. It's that simple.

Now I will say a little about the easiest way for me to be given resources. I am not a slacker. I like to work. I have a second B.A. from U.C.S.C. in physics and I am able to serve computer users less skilled than myself as a consultant. I will sit at your side at a computer and get it to do what you want, for $20 an hour. That's pretty cheap. I have taken out some ads in free online classifieds. We'll see if I get any emails from prospective customers.

That should do it for getting this ship assail. I hope we can have a free discussion of anything you want. I'm a pretty good conversationalist, and, despite the grim situation, and my part in it, I'm a pretty compassionate kinda fella. maybe that's my problem.

til next time...