Saturday, November 8, 2008

the nature of the pinion

Having set down a claim that the current financial crisis is in my power to end, it must be set down some description of the connection between my effects and the effects of the universe. (Why be timid, right?)
There is in the obelisk at left (update: obelisk removed because it is in doubt.) an implication that to derive this explanation of mental illness some science is necessary. No one will venture to ask what such science might be unless they find the explanation credible. I am not going to reveal the science, but the explanation might be found reasonable and some may wonder what the science is. I will say that it is sufficient to describe all life in terms of physics.

So being mentally ill, needing to figure it out, and succeeding, I am the sole Homo sapiens keeper of a physical description of life sufficient to begin or end a global financial crisis. I didn't actually decide to cause it. I decided to cause a negative result for life of unpredictable magnitude, a cause which I can reverse or worsen at my option, which decision on my part is communicated to Homo sapiens and they allowed to do as they please toward me, which to now is as a draftee into mental illness with all the misery there attached. Now, however, there is the matter of my decision to act one way or the alternate way which may or may not relate to global financial conditions.