Saturday, November 29, 2008

religions and irrelevance, in and outside

Negatives and irrelevance are over time put on a ledger in a religion so that process leads to the elimination of those pesky negatives. But outside the religion there is no understanding of this process because it is not experienced first hand, and so, without a proper ledger, things that are accounted manageably inside the religion, are accounted as having gross negatives. It's just accounting.

So while terrorism is negative to its victims, to its practicioners the stakes are accounted within a ledger constituting a world-view that is completely different, ending in a way of reconciling irrelevance into relevance and negative into positive. one's view of history is different. one's schedule of world progress is different. But the accounting can be learned by anyone. It's all a matter of synergies--the multiplication of economic values.